Daily Use of Media – Day 2

Today I woke up at 6:30 am and the first thing I did was instinctively check my Facebook for notifications. I wanted to keep up to date on any comments, threads, posts or tags that may have occurred overnight.

It seems I instinctively do this so as to not be left out of the loop. I aim to be up to date with most aspects of social media.

However, I did not check my Instagram or Twitter as I rarely use these apps due to my preference for Facebook’s user friendly or more so familiar user interface.

I replied to a few comments on a post I made last night, some comments were made as jokes, sarcastic quips and others acknowledged my usage of “shitposting” through a trial and error approach.

After this I went straight to my laptop and sent myself files. However instead of emailing the files I used Facebook’s attach option and copy/pasted some speeches into my own inbox. Whilst this decreases quality and can create a cluttered mass of words, I found that it would give me the general gist of what I needed to do.

Aside from this I did not actively engage in media, I passively consumed online content through meme pages and news articles but didn’t comment.

Due to the amount of the time I spent out of the house and lack of a charger I didn’t use as much media as I normally would. It seems that I have a habit of constantly checking my Facebook or social media platforms to keep updated with my circle of friends and the online community.