Daily Use of Media – Day 1

  Today I spent a rather small amount of time online. I focused on getting assignments finished and in doing so did not engage with social media as much as I usually would.

I did however spend some time on Youtube.

As of last night I found out about a band called “All Get Out” an indie band from America. I have been listening to their song “The Season” in particular, all day whilst completing University Assignments.

By simply using Facebook’s, share feature I shared a video of my friends announcing news from their band. I posted this on to my timeline in order to both help them gain some publicity as well as share a video that I found funny. It was only a 13 second video that really had no content besides the bands logo and a description of when there next show would be, however it made use of pop culture references such as Law & Order. I only captioned the video “yes.” in order to grab more peoples attention with a vague title that would intrigue people into clicking on the video.

I was also linked a video of Bigweld from Robots (2005), dabbing to Linkin Park song, “Crawling” (2000). Despite knowing I would have to document this, I had to click on this link which I was sent by a friend simply because I could not wait a week to see the video.

Most of my online time can be spent getting entangled in obscure and out of place memes. This seems to build up my online profile.

Through a heavy use of sarcastic posting and minimal emotive language I am able to add to my online persona.

– Wilson