Daily Use of Media – Day 3

When I woke up today, I checked my Facebook as per usual. I watched a few videos from some pages I was following.

This led me to check my YouTube account for some new videos. I found a video titled “A Word To All The Kids That Dress Like Mac DeMarco” by a channel called: “OnYourComputer”. I decided to share this video on my Facebook. I have some friends who do dress like Mac DeMarco and wanted them to see it but I didn’t want to post it directly on their walls.

After watching some channels I am subscribed to I stumbled across a video of a band named BabyMetal, an all female Japanese metal band that has taken the world by storm.

I remembered Babymetal as being the butt of a lot of jokes and made a status, “Babymetal is actually good, tho” which garnered some likes from friends.

I turned on the radio and started listening to Triple J. Whilst they were recapping new songs of the week I was listening and constantly using Shazam, an app that can detect what song you are listening to and give you the info on it. This led me to different Facebook, Youtube and even Soundcloud pages of bands that I was then able to listen to after Googling them.

I sent through some files to the guitarist of my band so that we could post the promotion for my band Parkwood’s new single “Sin”. After discussing the details we decided to post it at 7 pm.

Using our band Facebook page we set a post for 7 pm in order to promote the single. Then using our personal Facebook accounts we shared the bands post in order to have a greater reach.

When the single drops we will use funds to promote this post on Facebook and have it appear in other peoples feeds so they can choose to listen to the track.

That was my day online.

Check out Parkwood below, they will be dropping their new single “Sin” on April 6th.


One of the tracks I Shazam’d today. Freak Like Me by – NoMBe