Thanks to the internet we have access to an enormous range of resources for learning and recreation. We are able to use the internet to create ideas and engage with the world. However, with all the information that is constantly being posted online. One must think about its ethics.
Ethics are a key part of working online. There is a need to think about what you post before you post it. Whilst Defamation is now a very weak case, you still have to think about damage of reputation to other people. Not only due to inconvenience but legal fees are expensive and you could be reeled into a case by anyone for any number of seemingly ridiculous reasons. This does not just apply to online instances, all print media, audio and written works are covered as well.
It is important to attribute copyrighted material to its legal owner. Most of the time owners of the work may be completely fine with you using it for your own project but it is best to ask. If they ask you to remove it then it is best you do so as to avoid any legality issues. However, that being said filing a copyright claim can be extremely hard for artists due to the sheer cost of legal fees.
Overall Ethics is about respecting copyright law and obeying the law of creative property.