Daily Use of Media – Day 7

For the last day of my media blog posts I went back to an uneventful day of media use. However, at least my internet was working. I listened to a lot of triple J throughout the day and stayed up to date with Hurricane Debbie and the events going on in Queensland. Facebook, Youtube and most online news was flooded with posts about the events unfolding and the damage that is occurring.

I watched many videos on YouTube about the devastation in order to stay informed on the matter. This definitely drove home the fact that media is a mass form of communication. However, my Facebook and YouTube experiences mainly revolve around humour, light heartedness and sarcasm. Yet, today I found myself using media for a very serious occasion and important factual notifications on real life events rather than for comedy.

I had thought about using my new Facebook page and making my first post. However, I then had another conflict to face. I wanted to share my thoughts, opinions and content on this page yet if done I could face quite a bit of backlash if my name were to get out. This may result in Facebook taking down my page and other such consequences if content becomes too controversial.

Media is not always positive, in fact we seem to share things that we can relate to and what is more relatable than the feeling of negativity? Bad news is what we talk about, it’s what takes over headlines, grabs the attention of Facebook friends and gets the clicks online.

In closing, I hope you enjoyed my daily blog posts and I will be posting an analysis on my use of media over the past week very soon.