Thanks to the internet we have access to an enormous range of resources for learning and recreation. We are able to use the internet to create ideas and engage with the world. However, with all the information that is constantly being posted online. One must think about its ethics.
Ethics are a key part of working online. There is a need to think about what you post before you post it. Whilst Defamation is now a very weak case, you still have to think about damage of reputation to other people. Not only due to inconvenience but legal fees are expensive and you could be reeled into a case by anyone for any number of seemingly ridiculous reasons. This does not just apply to online instances, all print media, audio and written works are covered as well.
It is important to attribute copyrighted material to its legal owner. Most of the time owners of the work may be completely fine with you using it for your own project but it is best to ask. If they ask you to remove it then it is best you do so as to avoid any legality issues. However, that being said filing a copyright claim can be extremely hard for artists due to the sheer cost of legal fees.
Overall Ethics is about respecting copyright law and obeying the law of creative property.



Copyright is an established law in Australia and around most of the world. Copyright protects individuals from plagiarism and to the best of its ability protects an individuals intellectual property.

As soon as you create a piece of content it is protected by copyright in Australia. You do not have to file for copyright to protect your creative property. However you may have to file a complaint if you wish to prove that someone has taken what is rightfully yours under copyright law, whether it be by plagiarism or redistribution etc.
A superb positive of copyright in Australia is that your protection is free. However copyright does not protect some creative ideas such like titles and slogans. However it covers a wide variety of creative aspects such as; artworks, song lyrics, music, computer programs, and even journal entries amongst many others.

Copyright in Australia is determined by the Copyright Act 1968 (Cth). This Copyright Act 1968 has been amended consistently throughout the course of its existence and lays out the ground rules for how we handle copyright. Of course it has to be amended in order to maintain its relevancy through changing technology and social views.

Copyright and Ethics go hand in hand. It is that willingness to accept copyright law and respect intellectual property that is so crucial to maintaining ethics online. If you redistribute something online without the intent of making profit then it is usually fine, it is always best to get permission from the copyright holder and to remove it if they say no to your request. The real problem starts when someone takes a copyrighted piece and redistributes it as their own work, this falls under the branch of blatant plagiarism which is directly against copyright law.

Blog Entry 3 – Day 7 Analysis

After a fairly uneventful week of media use I looked back and started to point out the similarities between days. I was almost always using Facebook and Youtube in order to have some daily form of media consumption. I was using it especially to keep up to date on world disasters. Most prevalent of all at the time being Cyclone Debbie. I found that Cyclone Debbie was being utilised for more clicks as it was obviously a hot news story at the time. Yet, people would reference Cyclone Debbie seemingly just for the attention. This gave an insight to how manipulative the media can be.

I discussed the fact that most media if viewed objectively can be seen to be negative. As we tend to gravitate towards things that are relatable, and what’s more relatable than the bad times?

Blog Entry 2 – Day 3 Analysis

Day 3 was another day that was centred around consuming content rather than posting content. I discussed how the share feature of YouTube was beneficial as a means of posting content to a wide audience immediately rather than having to post content on specific peoples walls. This is when I initially started to consider starting up a meme page in order to share a wide variety of content amongst a worldwide audience rather than keeping it to my niche group of friends.

It got me thinking about how I could publish myself further. I started up a meme page in order to garner more attention to my interests online ranging from political satire, sarcastic memes, and overly emphatic content that jabs at the standard of modern society. This allowed me to post things I otherwise may not post on a personal account.

Indeed, I also came to use the radio as a form of media consumption. Instead of scrolling for hours, clicking links and so on I was able to discover new music and listen to topical discussion just by tuning into Triple J radio station 107.5 fm. This media affected the life of my band and I through playing our music and this kind of appreciation for local music definitely strengthens their fanbase and listeners.

Indeed I was also using Shazam to find out the names of songs from the radio. This enabled me to share what I found on my social media sites allowing me to keep a constant update on new music and goings on in Australia.

Blog Entry 1 – Day 1 Analysis

On my first day of online documentation I seemed to keep a very slow pace. I definitely focused more on the sharing features of sites like Facebook as well as using this to distribute music. YouTube has a very simple layout at this point after having gone through many iterations over the years. However, what I found most useful on day one was YouTube’s recommended section. This enabled me to find new pieces of content to absorb and reflect on. Through a list of suggestions at the side of my screen I am able to queue, watch a video or add a video to a playlist.

This first day had me examining and contemplating the importance of meme culture. How it affects our online presence and how we can use this to our advantage. Memes became a focal point throughout the week which resulted in me eventually beginning a meme page to document the bizarre sarcasm and cynicism of the internet.

It is through this that I was pointed to my realisation that memes have gone from being a staple of internet culture to an advertising ploy. There are plenty of memes that lack creativity which are passed around in the hope of gaining traction through large comment sections that are amassed through tagging.

I attempted to plan out what my next moves would be on social media but realised I often improvise with my content unless it is for a specific purpose. For these reasons I ended up with a cluster of ideas to post, all of which I felt needed to be posted separately and some of which I felt I couldn’t even post on my personal page.

Final Analysis Essay – How Do I Use Online Media?

Over a period of a week, I documented my online media use in order to answer the question, “How do I use online media?”. Throughout this week I have used the internet and social media sources for a variety of reasons, ranging from promotional efforts to personal messaging.

In saying this, I have however found that I used media far less than I would have expected or at least, for far fewer things than I expected. It seemed as if I used it for very specific activities on a regular basis rather than for new things consistently every day. This has lead me to believe that I am very set in my use of media having found some sort of comfort zone. I was not updating or using all of my social media platforms everyday.

I now realise that majority of time spent on media was engaging on Facebook and Youtube, whether it be leaving comments, posting statuses or sharing content.

I have found that there can be a sort of conflicting pressure involved with maintaining an online media presence. Even when updating my social media status or posting a meme I had these moments of thought after having posted, wondering if I should have posted a certain thing or not. This tended to be due quite commonly to me doubting the content I was posting, and it’s quality.

When discussing the topic of memes which I engaged with on a daily basis through Facebook Pages like Surface Reality Memes and Ambient Memes, I stumbled across an understanding. Meme culture whilst starting out as a trend has developed into a form of mainstream humour. This does not decrease its value but instead allows for a greater range of participants and therefore, ideas.

Memes have grown so popular that companies large and small will use meme references in order to advertise. Companies like; Mr Rental for instance, have a large online presence through their ability to use online satire and make create posts that attract attention through tags, shares, retweets and reblogs. Their Facebook page is a hub for these types of posts and can be seen at (

I used websites online to share my media, such as the album artwork for my bands single, “Sin”. I posted the artwork to Facebook initially to use it as a promotion for the upcoming song. This sort of promotion is quite typical of bands as it is a simple form of advertising. Often it can be seen that bands will post one particular piece of artwork over several social media accounts in order to drum up hype about the release. Additionally, I made the artwork to be displayed on iTunes, Spotify, Apple Music, Bandcamp and Deezer for the album artwork. However, I used YouTube as well. I find great benefit in using YouTube, the user navigation is easy to understand with all your options laid out in front of you. However, it also makes sharing the track easier and more accessible. Not everyone will click on a Spotify, Apple music, iTunes, or other link. Yet, people will gladly press a YouTube link especially because it is familiar and works so well with Facebook as it embeds the video into the site.

What I found rather interesting is that if I were unable to use Facebook for distribution of artwork my reach would be severely impacted. There are of course sites like Pinterest where people are able to share creative inspiration and ideas through an easy to use interface, however the site does not accommodate promotion very well as there is a less personal feeling based around the site.
Facebook has been my outlet for creative inspiration over the last few years. I draw inspiration from statuses, pictures and articles found on Facebook. Whereas with Pinterest I would find a more visual inspiration.

I learned that without Facebook I would be pretty much stranded for option in terms of my online media. Sites such as Myspace used to be extremely popular in the early days of online media however there are very few alternatives that are as powerful as Facebook. They are a company who have dominated the online market with their ability to reel in users and garner attention to themselves as the central hub for social media.

It comes down to the fact that Facebook dominates the market, as well as Google. Facebook bought Instagram and therefore is a product of Facebook. Google owns YouTube and the video market is overpowered by this company. So if I were unable to use these services I would struggle getting any endeavours off the ground.

This assignment enabled me and indeed, encouraged me to learn about alternatives that I could use in the online media landscape.

It got me thinking about how I could use other online media applications to promote myself. This led me to remember that I used sites likes Squarespace as a design portfolio and was able to share this with my friends.

Squarespace offered a wide range of options when customising my portfolio. This is what I find crucial to my online usage. I am always looking to customise my online presence and will often want to be updating this consistently. So when faced with the variety of options on Squarespace I was very impressed with how I could choose to display my content in a personal manner. This is something that Facebook does not offer in an effective way. There is limited customisation on the site in the form of a Profile Picture and a Timeline Cover Photo.

However, what I don’t like is that I am left with very few options in terms of what I can use to publish content. Facebook dominates the market and the other social medias tend to get drowned out. It seems as if smartphones are becoming more popular than television as a way to consume and distribute media, due to ease of use and portability. Due to this there is a multiplicity of different social medias, but none of them quite have the traction or style of Facebook. Having to limit myself to one main platform is uninteresting and does not enable me to express creativity to a wide audience.

After having looked back over my week of media use. I have concluded that if the resources of social media that I currently use were deleted I would struggle to find an alternative. I have dealt with the pressure of contemplating whether or not to post and distribute online media. And I have engaged in aspects such as paid promotion and starting a meme page.

There are pros to media, such as; convenience, accessibility, and creative sharing. Just as there are cons to media such as content limitations, over saturation of content and political correctness. Yet, overall I have found that I can use media in a number of ways to benefit myself and others. Through building my online presence I have been able to aid myself and my friends in garnering online attention for personal projects and content we support.

Daily Use of Media – Day 7

For the last day of my media blog posts I went back to an uneventful day of media use. However, at least my internet was working. I listened to a lot of triple J throughout the day and stayed up to date with Hurricane Debbie and the events going on in Queensland. Facebook, Youtube and most online news was flooded with posts about the events unfolding and the damage that is occurring.

I watched many videos on YouTube about the devastation in order to stay informed on the matter. This definitely drove home the fact that media is a mass form of communication. However, my Facebook and YouTube experiences mainly revolve around humour, light heartedness and sarcasm. Yet, today I found myself using media for a very serious occasion and important factual notifications on real life events rather than for comedy.

I had thought about using my new Facebook page and making my first post. However, I then had another conflict to face. I wanted to share my thoughts, opinions and content on this page yet if done I could face quite a bit of backlash if my name were to get out. This may result in Facebook taking down my page and other such consequences if content becomes too controversial.

Media is not always positive, in fact we seem to share things that we can relate to and what is more relatable than the feeling of negativity? Bad news is what we talk about, it’s what takes over headlines, grabs the attention of Facebook friends and gets the clicks online.

In closing, I hope you enjoyed my daily blog posts and I will be posting an analysis on my use of media over the past week very soon.