Blog Entry 2 – Day 3 Analysis

Day 3 was another day that was centred around consuming content rather than posting content. I discussed how the share feature of YouTube was beneficial as a means of posting content to a wide audience immediately rather than having to post content on specific peoples walls. This is when I initially started to consider starting up a meme page in order to share a wide variety of content amongst a worldwide audience rather than keeping it to my niche group of friends.

It got me thinking about how I could publish myself further. I started up a meme page in order to garner more attention to my interests online ranging from political satire, sarcastic memes, and overly emphatic content that jabs at the standard of modern society. This allowed me to post things I otherwise may not post on a personal account.

Indeed, I also came to use the radio as a form of media consumption. Instead of scrolling for hours, clicking links and so on I was able to discover new music and listen to topical discussion just by tuning into Triple J radio station 107.5 fm. This media affected the life of my band and I through playing our music and this kind of appreciation for local music definitely strengthens their fanbase and listeners.

Indeed I was also using Shazam to find out the names of songs from the radio. This enabled me to share what I found on my social media sites allowing me to keep a constant update on new music and goings on in Australia.


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