Blog Entry 1 – Day 1 Analysis

On my first day of online documentation I seemed to keep a very slow pace. I definitely focused more on the sharing features of sites like Facebook as well as using this to distribute music. YouTube has a very simple layout at this point after having gone through many iterations over the years. However, what I found most useful on day one was YouTube’s recommended section. This enabled me to find new pieces of content to absorb and reflect on. Through a list of suggestions at the side of my screen I am able to queue, watch a video or add a video to a playlist.

This first day had me examining and contemplating the importance of meme culture. How it affects our online presence and how we can use this to our advantage. Memes became a focal point throughout the week which resulted in me eventually beginning a meme page to document the bizarre sarcasm and cynicism of the internet.

It is through this that I was pointed to my realisation that memes have gone from being a staple of internet culture to an advertising ploy. There are plenty of memes that lack creativity which are passed around in the hope of gaining traction through large comment sections that are amassed through tagging.

I attempted to plan out what my next moves would be on social media but realised I often improvise with my content unless it is for a specific purpose. For these reasons I ended up with a cluster of ideas to post, all of which I felt needed to be posted separately and some of which I felt I couldn’t even post on my personal page.


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